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As international students worry about their safety, international enrollments in US states that restrict rights may suffer. This does not bode well for the diversification of higher ed as an industry.

Could Dobbs Mean Trouble for International Admissions?

Hey there, welcome to Episode 4 of The Uplift! For many academics and academic administrators in higher ed, the academic year and the fiscal year is wrapping up. So I thought this would be a good time to look ahead. If you will be in a leadership role this fall – regardless of your job […]

In A Leadership Role this Fall? Here are Four ways to Prepare Now.

Five tips to being an ally to the women you work with:

#1: Halt the He-Peats
#2: Redistribute Housekeeping
#3: Give Her a Power Task
#4: Compliment Her Mind, Not Her Manners
#5: Praise Her Publicly, Especially When She’s Not in the Room

How to Be Her Ally

If you’re leading people in any capacity you have likely already experienced some sort of tension between what you want to do based on your sense of right and wrong, and what you’re being asked to do on behalf of the institution. What do you do when someone on your team – and maybe even you – would benefit if you could make the decision you want? How do you decide when to speak up, speak out, push back? To whom, and how loudly? How do you find the balance between representing the institution as expected from someone in your role, and representing the core of who you are?

When you make decisions based on your values, you’ll come that much closer to leading with joy.

Values-Based Leadership

Part love-story, part revenge I was chatting with my guy Shannon about dropping the first episode of this podcast, and describing it as telling the story of all the ways I’ve seen women bosses be shitty to other women. He laughed and said “Oh! The Bitch Above!” and the episode title was born.  Now, even […]

The Bitch Above: One Woman’s History of Shitty Female Bosses