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There’s no step-by-step guide to leading teams, because leading people is messy work. 

But messy doesn't have to mean overwhelming. 

Messy *can* be colorful.
Playful. Invigorating. Fun.

If you let it, leading people can be a lot more like creating art and a lot less like finishing chores.  

Artists practice their art form in order to get better. You can approach your leadership practice the same way. By focusing on developing your teams you can become a leader people love to follow. You can build their trust. Improve their productivity. Deepen their job satisfaction. And along the way make things a lot more fun. 

You'll learn how inside The Leadership Community.

The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Women Leading With Clarity

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Become A Leader
People Love To Follow

Coordinator. Director. Department Chair. Associate Dean. Committee Chair. Supervisor. Vice President.

No matter your title, if your job involves helping people work together you’re a leader. 

Leading on a college campus is invigorating and challenging. Some of your colleagues are academic experts with years of experience. Some are young professionals eyeing  promotion and tenure. Others still are just starting their careers in higher education. 

No matter their levels of expertise, they're in an environment that promotes learning and accountability. This means your colleagues need leaders who provide....

  • Autonomy and guidance.
  • Room to grow with protective guardrails.
  • Private support alongside public recognition.
  • Challenging projects including room to experiment.
  • Meaningful work plus breathing room.

Your Colleagues need a leader like you.

You believe people are an institution's most important asset

You value culture and are committed to inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety

You love learning and like to put your learning into practice

You're inspired by curiosity and experimentation

You believe in taking action, whether it's imperfect, incremental, or inspired

Does This Sound Like You?

The Leadership Community

sharpens your mindset, skillset, and toolset to become the leader you know in your heart you can be.

You know happier employees are better for business. They get more done with less friction. They keep turnover low and engagement high. They provide better customer service. They are healthier, with fewer sick days and fewer workplace accidents.

You also know this kind of team will make your life so. much. easier. You'll have fewer headaches. You'll dodge fewer trains. You'll see quicker progress. You and team will reach your goals faster.

You know that happy employees on a college campus have more capacity and energy to focus on what matters: the essential work of teaching and learning. 

Even more....

If you're nodding along and feeling inspired, you're in the right place!


You seek joy and meaningful work without busywork and burnout

What's The Leadership Community?

The Leadership Community is a membership that complements your professional development. It provides monthly learning on relevant topics, in bite-sized chunks you can fit into your day, complete with implementation plans, personalized coaching, and suggestions for how to talk to your team and your supervisor about what you're learning. 

The Leadership Community is timely, relevant, accessible, and affordable. 

The Leadership Community is for leaders who identify as women.

Unlike conferences or webinars -- where you learn once -- the membership gives you ongoing professional development so you can learn and practice new skills every month. 

Unlike books, journals, and whitepapers -- which give you rich content and ideas for what to put into action someday -- the membership walks you through actionable strategies and supports you as you implement them.

Unlike list-servs -- which give you valuable access to like-minded professionals while filling your inbox -- the membership gives you a forum for conversation you can track by topic, stepping into and out of as you like with no extra inbox pressure. 

We keep the monthly fees low to promote access for leaders at all stages of their careers, to welcome all kinds of institutions, and to carefully steward institutional funds. We also offer discounts for annual memberships.

Material is both synchronous and asynchronous. Join us live if you like or catch replays afterwards. Revisit content from earlier months any time you want a refresher. Call in to join live coaching sessions and Q&As to learn in community with other women. 

Each month we focus on a new piece of content, giving you a relevant leadership strategy you can practice and refine in real time. 

One of our purposes is to build and strengthen leadership pipelines and create spaces for women to safely explore gendered and intersectional challenges we face as we lead. 

Members are welcome to share guides, PDFs, and other printable materials with colleagues across campus. So even though this space is only for folks who identify as women, you are welcome to share what you're learning with everyone on your campus. 

Experience Our Five-Part Framework


Monthly Mini-Strategic Plan

Each month includes a guide to planning your learning, including suggestions for sharing information with your team and framing your successes for your supervisor.


Monthly Mini-Lessons

Each month you'll learn the theory behind a foundational concept, and also how to put it into practice. We'll learn these together in a live workshop format. 



To help you prioritize implementation, we hold two (optional) co-working calls a month. You can work on anything you like - it's just a way to prioritize some time on your calendar. 

Each month we follow a consistent framework that builds your leadership practice:


Ask me Anything (Q&A)

For those other issues that pop up during the month, the membership includes free-form  Q&A sessions. Come ask any work-related question that's on your mind.


Community Support

We give each other feedback during live sessions and during the workshop platform. The community also includes a private forum for questions, feedback, and support. 

You had me at results - I'm IN!

Above All Else…

The Leadership community

helps you develop tangible skills that make a difference to your team and give you results you can celebrate.  

I Know a Thing or Two About Building Fantastic Teams

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But Above All Else…

The leading with clarity course will

help you develop a leadership practice that brings you peace of mind. 

You’ll know you’re working on the right things, in the right ways, for the right people, at the right time. 

Your focus and purpose will increase the joy you — and your team! — feel at work. 

We Know a Thing or Two About Building Impactful Teams

“Carole has a strong focus on developing others, encouraging strategic thinking and promoting success through goal setting, reflection, and developing a strong vision for success. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Carole Chabries. She is a fantastic leader and mentor.”

- Nicole Schwensow

“Carole’s performance reviews of myself along with our regular 1:1 meetings helped me better understand my strengths, to fairly evaluate myself, and to set effective and meaningful goals. The things that Carole helped me understand about myself and the example she set as a leader helped me develop my own leadership style that is both true to myself and applicable to the roles that I have filled since.”

- Andy Doran

“Carole is a collaborative and adaptable leader who builds partnerships with a ‘what’s possible’ mindset. She has a personable and thoughtful approach to people relatively new to their leadership role. She can teach and inspire while putting people at ease, and is gifted in asking insightful questions and then listening with curiosity to understand.”

- Debbie Okerlund

In a small group setting, [Carole's] approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- Tina Olson

Hi! I'm Carole.

Carole Chabries, PhD

I've spent more than 25 years leading teams of faculty and staff in higher ed. I've made of ton of mistakes along the way and I'd love to help you avoid them. 

Next to teaching, developing teams is the most joyful work I've done. I'm known for leading teams to achieve things that look impossible. My secret is building relationships that are so strong that folks are able to do really hard things together and have fun doing it. Folks on my teams often stay connected for years -- sometimes decades -- after working together. 

Over the years I've developed and refined approaches for listening, coaching, guiding, mentoring, and  hiring that have worked across contexts and job functions. These are battle-tested strategies that develop camaraderie, foster inclusion and belonging, bring people together, and help entire groups feel more purposeful and joy-filled in their work. 

People sometimes call what I do magic. It's certainly magical -- what's better than accomplishing big things with people you care about? -- but it's not magic. The skills I use to lead teams are teachable and replicable. I now devote myself to helping other women leaders learn, apply, and refine those skills. 

I'm so excited to share this all with you!

The leadership community

A Peek At What’s Inside


Mini Strategic Plan

Benefit to you: Each month we clearly articulate how what you're learning advances your institution's strategies. You can show your team, your boss, and even your boss's boss why the work you're doing matters.

This includes:

  • A set of stated learning outcomes, giving you quick and easy language to use when you talk with your  supervisor about what you're working on.

  • Suggestions for how to share what you've learned with your team. 

  • Prompts to set relevant goals so you can align your progress with your annual performance review.

  • A reminder to link your individual goals to your department- or college-wide strategic plan so you can communicate your campus impact.


Sequenced Mini-Lessons

Benefit to you: Each month the content is scaffolded into bite-sized lessons with accompanying workbooks, guides, journalling prompts, etc. It's easy to digest and easy to act on.

  • You'll see the learning sequence and monthly calendar so you can schedule accordingly.

  • You can choose your level of participation -- deciding what to attend live, what to complete independently, and what to watch later.

  • After the lessons you'll have learned something *and* developed a plan to put it into action.

  • Video and audio-only replays are available so you can listen and learn on the go.

Benefit to you: Um, time to get stuff done...? Join our co-working calls to carve out private work time on your calendar. You can ask questions (if you have them), team up for accountability in a private Zoom room, or just sit quietly and work with other women who are also carving out precious private time to get things done.

Because our community is growing globally calls are held at varying times to accommodate different time zones.


Co-working Calls

Benefit to you: Help and support for whatever is on your mind. These calls are exactly what they say: a time for you to ask me anything. Come to vent, ask for guidance, get others' perspectives, or simply to be in community. Every question will be answered, either on the call, in the chat, or privately via email. 

I had a professor once who included on her syllabus "Never wonder or suffer in silence." These calls are my way of paying that promise forward. 


Ask Me Anything Calls

Benefit to you: It's safe to ask questions of the group in a private space. The community forum gives members a way to converse, ask questions, pose problems, and offer each other support. Wondering how other people see your problem? Curious how others have handled a tricky situation? Feeling totally stumped about how to give your team feedback? Ask a group of like-minded women who care about your success.


Community Forum


→ 8 Weeks of Content and Course Engagement

→ Weekly Group Sessions, Live With Carole

→ Additional Course Bonuses

Level 1

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



VIP Experience

Everything In Essentials PLUS

→ 8 Weeks of Small Group Coaching With Your VIP Cohort

→ 1-Hour Private Coaching Session With Carole

→ Private Text Messaging Group With VIP Cohort for Hands-On Feedback and Support

Level 2

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



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→ 8 Weeks of Content and Course Engagement

→ Weekly Group Sessions, Live With Carole

→ Additional Course Bonuses

Level 1

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



VIP Experience

Everything In Essentials PLUS

→ 8 Weeks of Small Group Coaching With Your VIP Cohort

→ 1-Hour Private Coaching Session With Carole

→ Private Text Messaging Group With VIP Cohort for Hands-On Feedback and Support

Level 2

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a [fill in the job title]. Is the Leadership Community for me? 

Your job title doesn’t tell the full truth of your leadership. If you’re influencing others, heading committees, overseeing initiatives, mentoring students — you’re a leader and YES this membership is for you.

How Is This Different from other memberships or Associations?

In higher ed memberships usually come with access to a community, possibly a list-serv, occasional white papers, and conference registration discounts.

This membership builds on those foundations – connection, knowledge, and future discounts – but repositions them in a format focused on ongoing, just-in-time learning that is manageable, relevant, and easy to implement.

  • We’ve traded the email-heavy list-serv for a community forum within our membership portal.

  • We’ve traded expert white papers (essentially a lecture) for action-oriented mini-lessons on topics you can put into place immediately.

Can I Share This membership with colleagues?


And no. 

Yes: All the materials you can print are yours to share – with your team, with your colleagues, or with your leadership. I just ask that you leave copyrights in place and are responsible with my IP.

No: Live and recorded sessions are for members only. So while you technically *could* attend with your colleagues in the room, I ask that you respect the space of the membership (and the privacy of other members) and not do that. For the same reasons I also ask that you don’t share the replays, the Q&As, or the coaching calls.

My institution is paying and needs an invoice/purchase order. Where do I get one?

I will happily send you one. Please email with details (names and email addresses of member(s), as well as the name and address of the person receiving the invoice.

Why is this Membership for women?

At The Clareo Group we recognize that gender is one (among many) forms of privilege. Our leadership coaching intentionally provides support, camaraderie, and education with the goal of redistributing power that is historically gendered and binarized. Our group leadership programs use gendered pronouns as one means of creating safe spaces for people who identify as women. All women whose pronouns include they/them and nonbinary folx who seek a women-focused community are also welcome here; we stand committed to your safety and growth as well.

What kind of time commitment will this take?

My goal is to condense the bulk of the learning into one week (or less) a month. Each month when new content is added to the membership we’ll host some kind of learning experience – a short workshop, a challenge, etc. For that week, we’ll spend up to one hour a day working on something together. So call that one-five hours. 

The rest of the month we’ll supplement that learning with implementation calls where we get together on Zoom and talk through the details of the plan or project you’re working on, as well as coaching calls where you can ask any questions you like about the work we’re doing. Each of those will be roughly an hour, so let’s call that two additional hours.

So for ~seven hours a month you’ll learn a specific, evidence-based team-building strategy, you'll develop a plan to put it into place, and you'll have access to me and other members for support, questions, and guidance.

The timing isn’t great for me. Can I enroll later?

Yes! I just don't know when I'll open the doors next. 

The leadership community

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