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Conversations That

Conversations That Count: 


Take a quick pulse check with us:

  • Do you go into tough conversations with high hopes and good intentions, then afterwards wish the outcome had been different?

  • Do you sometimes avoid difficult conversations because you’re afraid you’ll do or say the wrong thing, or you worry how the other person will react?

  • Or maybe you simply wish your team meetings were engaging and active, instead of monotonous and meaningless? 

The Essential Skills You Need To Communicate #LikeABoss

If so, this workshop is for you!

In Conversations That Count, you’ll learn the essential conversational skills that will lift your team from resistance, skepticism, and ennui into the realm of trusting, forward-looking relationships that enable all of you to get more done, in less time, with more joy

Conversations That Count
is right for you if you...

Sound like you? 
Then you're in the right place!

want your team to form deep, lasting bonds

learn best with feedback and practice

are ready to lift your team's energy - and performance! -  to a higher level

need actionable steps to put to use right away

want to feel confident when communicating with your team

In this workshop you will...




learn how to listen in order to deepen your team's trust

learn to be curious to enhance your team's performance

connect your values to your communication style



learn to build trust through your words and actions

develop plans for upcoming conversations


receive personalized feedback on your communication skills

none of this matters if you don't create some breathing room on your calendar. so you'll do that, too.




learn how to listen in order to deepen your team's trust

connect your values to your communication style

learn to be curious in order to enhance your team's performance

In this workshop, you will...



develop plans for upcoming conversations

receive personalized feedback on your communication skills


learn to build trust through your words and actions

Conversations That Count 
gives you the tools and strategies to become the kind of leader you would be excited to follow.

Above all else...

"I am leaving with a plan. It is worth the time! [Debbie's training] is the best thing you can do for learning to manage people."


"Carole's transparent leadership and obvious interest in the people she works with draws out their best work."

"In a small group setting, Carole's approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.” 

We know some things about fantastic communication.  

-- Andy Doran

-- Beth S.

-- Tina Olson

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A Peek at what's inside

If you're like most folks, you probably think you're an above-average listener. Would you be surprised to learn that research says...nine out of ten conversations miss the mark? We'll unpack "good" and "bad" listening and equip you with the strategies that will amp up listening skills -- for you and your team.

Make Listening Your Superpower

module 01

  • Learn four different types of listening and how they affect your team
  • Learn how to use your listening to shift neurochemistry for creating trust
  • Practice and refine your new listening skills.

Do you wonder whether you're talking too much? Giving others enough time to speak up? How much -- and when, and why -- you talk is connected with the kind of leader you strive to be. Let's connect your leadership purpose to your speaking and & listening practices.

Know When to Open (& Close!) Your Mouth

module 02

  • Identify the "North Star" of your personal leadership practice
  • Learn when and how to give different types of feedback
  • Apply your new skills by planning an upcoming conversation

Inquiry is a foundational leadership skill you can use to foster staff ownership and confidence in tackling challenges and exploring opportunities. Learn the questions to create space for connection and meaningful dialogue.

Care & Curiosity: The Power of Inquiry

module 03

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  • Understand the impact of three types of questions and when to use each
  • Learn how you can increase collaboration by changing the questions you ask
  • Experience the impact a 5-minute inquiry conversation can have on decision-making and problem-solving

Do you dread conversations that make you uncomfortable? Worried you'll make things worse by talking about them? You're not alone! In this module you'll learn to prepare for challenging conversations and have them with confidence. 

From Difficult Conversations
to Purposeful Dialogue

module 04

  • Learn some fundamentals of the neuroscience behind hard conversations
  • Increase your confidence with challenging conversations
  • Align your personal values with the results you want from conversations

Trust is difficult to build and easy to break. It’s also the foundation of an exceptional team. Learn to apply your new communication skills to nurture psychological safety through understanding and trust.

Building Trust & Psychological Safety

module 05

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  • Understand the components of trust
  • Identify your go-to conversational behaviors to build, sustain, and repair trusting relationships
  • Develop a plan to apply your new communication skills to enhance one relationship at work

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