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Leadership Coaching

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We offer a limited number of 1:1 coaching engagements for women seeking to deepen their leadership practice

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Leadership Academy

Course + Membership

Take our 8 week course Leading With Clarity and then join our private membership to keep your momentum going

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The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy begins with the 8 week course Leading With Clarity. Maintain your momentum afterward by joining a virtual community available only to course participants. 

Learn our three signature leadership frameworks

Engage with course material asynchronously and attend optional live sessions 

Keep lifetime access to all course materials - including future updates and additions!

Leading With Clarity opens soon; access to the full Leadership Academy will follow. Join the waitlist to get insider access to details and drop dates. 

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After the course, join the membership to continue learning with monthly mini-modules on relevant topics

Join special presentations, book discussions, and other live events

Get early bird access and discounts to all future offerings as long as you're a member

The Academy Curriculum

You’ll Learn:

...how to use your priorities and values to guide your decisions as a leader

...how to deepen your colleague's psychological safety through inclusion and belonging

...how to plan your projects so you know you're working on the most purposeful things instead of every thing 

...how to design your schedule to integrate all parts of your life and bring you clarity and ease

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A Peek At What’s Inside

Leading With Clarity

Part 1: Getting Clear Within

We begin the academy by asking you to look inward.  In Part 1 you'll  get clear about your personal values and explore how your life experiences shape your decisions through influences, patterns, and habits. 

In Part 1 you'll customize your Priorities Framework, creating a personal system you can use to assess the challenging decisions you face in work (and life!). 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A Peek At What’s Inside

Leading With Clarity

Part 2: Getting Clear on Purpose

Next, you’ll focus on how to plan. You’ll learn our Planning Framework and apply it to a project in-progress at work. 

In Part 2 you’ll practice focusing on assessing and communicating benchmarks rather than activities. This approach transforms conversations from "I've been so busy" to "look at all I've accomplished."

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A Peek At What’s Inside

Leading With Clarity

Part 3: Getting Clear With others

Lastly, you’ll learn how your  clarity of purpose can increase the inner work joy of your campus colleagues. You’ll learn the essential features of psychological safety and how to create an inclusive leadership style to enhance your team's well-being and performance.

In Part 3 you’ll apply what you’ve learned about priorities and planning as you practice amplifying the joy, clarity, and confidence of the people you lead.

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Learn and personalize our three leadership frameworks

Implement what you’re learning and get feedback on your progress

Retain lifetime access to the course materials – even future updates!

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Because you deserve to lead with ease.

Leadership Coaching

Personalized coaching is a natural step for women preparing for their next leadership role. Our coaching clients have access to the Leading With Clarity course and the subsequent private community for students for the duration of their coaching engagement.

Identify your current vision for your leadership legacy to set our coaching agenda

Gain lifetime access to The Leadership Academy Course -- including all future updates

A six-month engagement is an investment of $6,000 at the executive level.

Payment plans are available.

Scholarships are provided for leaders from historically-and-still excluded groups, including early-career women.

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Be coached in bi-weekly sessions with Carole for 6 months  on the leadership issues most important to you

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As a coaching client, you'll...

“Carole’s mentoring was instrumental in guiding me through the most difficult professional challenge I faced in my career. In a small group setting, her approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- Tina Olson

Meet Your Leadership Coach

Hey, I’m Carole!

I’m on a mission to transform higher ed organizations by unleashing the power of women’s leadership. I'm here to help women lead with purpose, make a genuine impact, feel fulfilled, and bring joy to their daily work.

When we shift to transformational leadership entire organizations benefit. Campus joy becomes contagious. Happy employees stay and do great work. Trust is high, and more gets done even faster than you dare to hope for.  

Come unleash the power of your leadership. 

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“Carole has a strong focus on developing others, encouraging strategic thinking and promoting success through goal setting, reflection, and developing a strong vision for success. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Carole Chabries. She is a fantastic leader and mentor who I have been proud to call a colleague for many years.”

Nicole Schwensow

“Carole’s performance reviews of myself along with our regular 1:1 meetings helped me better understand my strengths, to fairly evaluate myself, and to set effective and meaningful goals. The things that Carole helped me understand about myself and the example she set as a leader helped me develop my own leadership style that is both true to myself and applicable to the roles that I have filled since.”

Andy Doran

“Carole is a collaborative and adaptable leader who builds partnerships with a ‘what’s possible’ mindset. She has a personable and thoughtful approach to people relatively new to their leadership role. She can teach and inspire while putting people at ease, and is gifted in asking insightful questions and then listening with curiosity to understand.”

Debbie Okerlund

how do you want to lead?

Leadership Academy

Leading With Clarity + Private Community

A fully virtual, 8-week course that teaches you to lead from your values, plan for success, and enhance your colleagues’ psychological safety.


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Leadership Community

Digital Resources + Community

A virtual space for women leaders at all levels to network, advance their learning, and deepen their leadership practice. 


The Leadership Community
opens Spring 2023.
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 Leadership Coaching

Course + Community + Coaching

Personalized coaching for women preparing for their next leadership role, no matter their level, job title, or professional experience..

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