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Get it Done uniquely blends coaching, project management, and strategy while solving that nagging problem you need to move off your desk, like, yesterday

Get it Done

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Let's get that project done already.

The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Get it Done

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Be a Problem-Solving Maven

Get it done consulting is a great choice when...

You're stuck with a puzzle that's hard to crack on your own

You really need another set of hands to help you and your team solve a singular challenge

You’re looking for assistance and accountability as you near a looming deadline 

You’re ready to learn from experience while being pushed to try new things

You want a sounding board to test your ideas before you draft a full plan 

You need to get this darn thing done already!

which of your challenges
can we get done together?


Confidential leadership support working through a sticky challenge


Persuading a group of people to make a big, important change


Developing and implementing new policies or practices with lots of stakeholders


Building morale with groups who are feeling unseen or under-valued


Facilitating a retreat, hosting a strategy session, or sharing sensitive information without alienating people


Something else -- tell me what's on your mind!

I've worked with institutions on lots of gnarly challenges:

• Starting online programs

• Designing Shared Services 

• Closing programs (and organizations)

• Rebuilding morale and confidence after mediocre leadership

• Designing a program approval process & launching new programs

• Developing KPIs and a Strategic Plan dashboard

• Branding campaigns

• Overseeing accreditation projects, including site visits

• Launching institution-wide professional development

• Designing and implementing multi-campus initiatives

I'm Your Problem-Solving Girl

Carole Chabries, PhD

For years my colleagues have known that if you have a tough problem you haven't solved yet you should call me. A colleague once noticed that I couldn't leave a meeting without getting a new assignment. This was so true that in my early days of consulting I joked about hanging out a shingle as "the problem solving girl."

The truth is I love solving problems. I love the puzzle, the planning, and the beautiful execution. I'd love to hear about what's stuck on your desk to see if I can help you get the darn thing moving already.