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Leading with Clarity


The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women in higher ed how to lead by connecting the dots between your personal priorities, your planning, and the ways you lead your people.

I've created personalized frameworks for each area of practice, and will show you how to customize them, use them, and get better as you  go...all while designing the leadership practice of your dreams. 

"Carole has a strong focus on developing others, encouraging strategic thinking and promoting success through goal setting, reflection, and developing a strong vision for success."

"Carole's transparent leadership and obvious interest in the people she works with draws out their best work."

"Carole’s mentoring was instrumental in guiding me through the most difficult professional challenge I faced in my career. In a small group setting, her approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.” 

I know a thing or two about building amazing teams!

-- Andy Doran

-- Nicole Schwensow

-- Tina Olson

Leading With Clarity: What's Inside

We'll use that information to set you up for repeated success as you personalize your own leadership decision-making framework: a guide you can turn to whenever you're uncertain about which path to take. 

I want you to be confident knowing you can stand by your leadership decisions - even the hard ones. In this module you'll explore the key life experiences that have shaped you, and reflect on how those experiences inform your decision-making process. 

Getting Clear Within

module 01

Establishing your leadership purpose: what legacy do you want to leave behind?

Exploring your key life experiences and identifying your vital sparks

Understanding your relationship to power and privilege: how you use them for yourself and others

Articulating your primary influences: whose leadership are you modeling?

Linking your early lessons about money to your budgeting decisions

Personalizing your leadership framework

Module 1 Highlights

It is possible, though, to be more purposeful about the work we take on, as well as how we measure and communicate our success. This module shows you how. 

We don't like stopping things in higher ed. We rarely close programs, abandon initiatives, or reduce requirements. This makes it hard for leaders to keep up with the growing pile of work in front of us. 

Getting Clear on Purpose

module 02

Go slow to go fast: why planning is the key to speed and momentum

Backward design as the ultra-flexible framework for planning all your projects

The power of benchmarks: why it's better to organize your work around assessment instead of activities

Communicating your impact

How to establish a rhythm for fine-tuning your projects as you go

Module 2 highlights

Getting these relationships right is THE KEY to leadership. Now that you know who you are and what you stand for-- and  you know how to design meaningful work and avoid busywork activities -- we'll turn our attention to people. 

As a leader, your first priority is to the people you lead. And you're likely leading in many directions -- people who report to you, people you report to, and people you influence from the sides. 

Getting Clear With Others

module 03

The four stages of psychological safety, and why nothing matters until you get inclusion right

The psychological safety of your current team

The basics of building trust: why your actions matter most and your intent is irrelevant

Feedback strategies to bring out the best in your colleagues

Module 3 highlights

I'm IN!

That's why I've filled this program with opportunities for live connection, support, venting, encouragement, and problem-solving, all with like-minded women who are on the same path you are. 

You and me? We're in this together. 

8 weeks of Live support





The People Pack

I've created a package of quick guides to help you build amazing teams and a thriving culture, all while leading from your heart and being true to yourself. Wondering what to say in uncomfortable situations? Wishing you could get more out of annual reviews? Curious about integrating coaching into your leadership practice? I've got you covered. 

Because sometimes you just need to know where to start.



Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose - and without it, all your other efforts will fail.  You have to build trust intentionally: through your actions, your words, and the way you demonstrate your character. It's literally the most important thing you can do as a leader. But lots of leaders don't make the time for building trust, or they think it's just a quick conversation -- and they either get lucky, or get it wrong. 

But not you! 

I've created this exclusive mini-module that goes deep to teach you how to build, sustain, and even restore trust with your colleagues. 

Trust is the cornerstone of everything at work that...works. 

Mini-Module: Building Trusting, Inclusive Relationships


I'm saving you a Spot!