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Is there a gap between how awesome you are at your job how you talk about your successes? Maybe you call it imposter syndrome, maybe you call it humility, or maybe your self-confidence is genuinely low. But if you’re leading on a campus – in any capacity, at any level – I'd bet a big pot of gold that you're better than you tell yourself you are.

Let's change that. 

Mind Your Mindset is a private, small-group coaching experience combining reading, reflection, and live coaching. At each meeting we discuss one issue related to mindset, and two members of the group are coached on a topic of their choosing.

You'll begin to uncover habits that are holding you back, explore alternatives, and practice helping yourself (and others) end your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

Mind Your Mindset

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Leadership Coaching for Women

The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Women Leading With Clarity

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It's Time to Shatter
Your Internal Glass Ceiling

mind your mindset is right for you if...

You know you’re capable of more and you’re ready to quit playing small

You’re eager to rekindle the joy and excitement you used to feel about work

You’re searching for ways to focus on what matters and shed the sloggy bits 

You’re yearning to find more meaning and fulfillment in your work

You feel yourself at a threshold and aren't sure how - or whether! - to cross it

You want to both give and receive help and support in community with other women

Ready to bust your self? Come claim your spot!

Whether you’re working towards tenure, a promotion, greater responsibility, a pay raise, or even more calm connection with others, you'll get there faster with more ease and joy by working on your mindset. 

You're Used to Thinking.
Sometimes that's the problem. 


Learn to identify your “more,” your "Why," and your “hell yesses!” AND get comfortable claiming them


identify the habits that are blocking your breakthroughs


connect your achievement with your actualization to align your work with your sense of self

You're not as right as you think you are - especially about yourself.


Get comfortable with discomfort so you can process and move past it


Gain clarity about what Brings you purpose and joy at work


tune in, listen, and get curious – about yourself and with others

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What You Want is Waiting For You

mind your mindset will

help you bust your culturally-learned limiting beliefs so you can break through to the next level of personal and professional accomplishment and live the life you're yearning for.

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But Above All Else…

The leading with clarity course will

help you develop a leadership practice that brings you peace of mind. 

You’ll know you’re working on the right things, in the right ways, for the right people, at the right time. 

Your focus and purpose will increase the joy you — and your team! — feel at work. 

We Know a Thing or Two About Building Impactful Teams

I've been stuck too

Carole Chabries, PhD

There was a point in my career when I felt like I was literally caged -- kept small, constrained, and controlled by others' fear and insecurities.  I hired a coach to help me sort that out and find a better path. I learned a ton from her and continue to practice the skills and approaches she taught me. I'm not exaggerating when I say they changed my life. 

This group coaching program is designed to give you that same gift. 

mind your mindset

This isn't woo-woo trickery. it's mental discipline

What You'll Do


This group program is designed to help you individually and collectively. You'll sharpen your trust in yourself by learning to ask the kinds of questions that lead you to personal epiphanies. You'll also help the other women in your cohort do the same.

  • Meet every other week with your coaching group
  • Practice asking and answering deep questions
  • Practice sitting and listening
  • Experiment with optional reading and writing between sessions

What You'll Get


This process of self-discovery looks different for everyone. I'll provide a range of resources and you can pick and choose what works for you. 

  • A curated library of worksheets, journal prompts, and reflective activities
  • An annotated bibliography to help you focus your reading time 
  • Strategies and resources for organizing your time and space to help you break out of habits you might have that are holding you back

What You'll Accomplish


Specific results vary from person to person, but in general, getting better at monitoring your mindset does the following: 

  • Sharpens your awareness of when you're getting in your own way
  • Helps you set and meet audacious goals
  • Improves your patience (with yourself and others)
  • Brings your desires, intent, and actions into closer alignment
  • Clarifies decision-making

Mind Your Mindset

→ Private onboarding session with Carole

→ Risk-free guarantee

→ Biweekly meetings of ~90 minutes each

→ A curated library of resources, guides, readings, and other optional activities

Pay 6 Monthly Installments

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Pay In Full and Save

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The Leadership Sprint

→ Two private coaching sessions

→ Chat access to other sprinters *and* private access to Carole

One-time payment

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→ One month of content, focus, and engagement

→ Weekly live group Sessions

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Scholarships & Discounts

Send a brief email to carole@theclareogroup.com with a link to an active website showing your current employment. (Bonus points for using your institutional email address!) I'll send you a discount code to use when you register.

Available with institutional affiliation

HBCUs, women's, Tribal, &  community Colleges

We build equity into our business

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to your growth. We're offering scholarships as well as discounts for folks working at historically excluded institutions --  no matter who is paying for your professional development.

It's easy: just tell us which equity pricing option you'd like and show your eligibility. That's it. I'll send you a coupon code you can use at checkout. 


Send a brief email to carole@theclareogroup.com
with details (names and emails) for all attendees. Note that all registrations must be paid before participants can be enrolled.

Available upon request

Group Discounts


All that AND a risk-free, money-back guarantee

I know you have a kazillion options for professional development, and you invest your dollars wisely. 

Like you, I’ve taken my share of nap-inducing workshops and ho-hum seminars. 

This is not that. 

This coaching program draws on tested strategies that have worked for me and for countless others. 

Even so, I get that it still might feel like a risk. Changing our habits is daunting. A little scary. And honestly? It takes work.

If you're up to the challenge I'll make you a promise: Commit to 6 months and fully participate in the first 6 sessions (approximately the first half of the program). If at that point you feel this isn't worth your time, I will fully refund your entire fee. No questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from Your other coaching programs?

Mind Your Mindset has three distinctive features: it focuses 100% on the habits of mind (and resulting actions) that are holding you back; the group coaching means you'll get practice being coached *and* coaching others; and the library of resources are tailored to mindset topics -- they're relevant to your leadership but leadership is not the primary focus. It's just the beneficiary.

Every Other Week is A lot of meetings.

It's true that this program takes a significant time commitment. Changing your habits of mind takes concerted effort, which is why we meet frequently and for an extended period of time. 

Can I attend with colleagues?

Yes! Individuals who enroll together from the same institution receive a 10% discount. Email carole@theclareogroup.com for details. 

My institution is paying and needs an invoice/purchase order. Where do I get one?

I will happily send you one. Please email carole@theclareogroup.com with details (names and email addresses of attendee(s), as well as the name and address of the person receiving the invoice.

all the woo-wooery makes me feel a little...squeamish.

Not really a question, but oh yes, I feel you. Sometimes this stuff really is out there. I personally tend to stay away from the New Agey-type stuff, including promises like you can think your way into a new reality. In this program we focus intently on our own thoughts -- the stories we tell ourselves, our self-talk, the criticisms we've heard over the years and internalized -- and separate the truth from the chaff. We debunk the nonsense, quiet the nay-sayers, and learn to give ourselves the respect and admiration we deserve. (When you hear that do you worry you'll get big-headed? That's a sure sign you've got some limiting beliefs at work.)

Do I have to attend for six months?

I ask you to commit to six months because it will take that long for you to start to internalize some of these new ways of thinking. If after three months of consistent effort you honestly feel this isn't for you I'll refund your full payments. 

If at the end of six months you don't want to stop, you can sign on for another six!

You can join a coaching group at any time, as long as the group has space. You don't have to wait six months for a new group to start.

mind your mindset

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Leading With Clarity

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