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Go from “new hire” to “on FIRE!” by designing a winning strategy for your first year in your new role.  

The Leadership Sprint is a short, focused group program that prepares you for a winning first year in your new job.

Leadership Sprint

Leadership Coaching for Women

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The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Women Leading With Clarity

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The Leadership Sprint

Ready Set GO!

the leadership sprint is for you if...

You're stepping into a new leadership role – of any sort, at any level

You're ready to stride confidently into your responsibilities, knowing you’re working on the right things

You're not about to let that smidgeon of self-doubt you feel hold you back 

You want a plan for keeping track of all the new stuff coming at you

You’re excited to nail this new gig while keeping company with other kick-a** women

You’re eager for feedback and accountability partners

See You At The Starting Line! 

The Leadership Sprint is your intensive training plan to start strong, stay focused, and get to the finish line of your first year with stamina to spare.

your training plan to smash your first year


Slow down to go FAST: Plan your year to build speed & momentum


Integrate your personal priorities and your institution’s strategy


Learn to communicate the difference you're making, not how busy you are


Set the groundwork to build a team grounded in trust & inclusion


Design your strategy to listen and learn


Plan your year to include rest - for balance and breathing room 

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Your Race, Your Way

The Leadership sprint

This is your life. Win it on your terms.

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But Above All Else…

The leading with clarity course will

help you develop a leadership practice that brings you peace of mind. 

You’ll know you’re working on the right things, in the right ways, for the right people, at the right time. 

Your focus and purpose will increase the joy you — and your team! — feel at work. 

We Know a Thing or Two About Building Impactful Teams

Carole Chabries, PhD

I’ve started more than my share of new jobs, and each time I’ve gotten a bit better at starting strong. I’ve taken all the good advice I’ve been given over the years and paired it with my own trial and error to design the framework I wish I’d had when I started: a guide that will keep you grounded in your values, connected to your new team, and focused on the right institutional priorities.

Running is a great metaphor for leadership. As a one-time runner I understand the value of training, stretching, and resting. So instead of jumping on the hamster wheel and churning you way through the first year, let's set you up to run the race you want to win. 

not another Hamster Wheel

The Leadership sprint

Your Personalized Training Plan

What You'll Accomplish


You'll learn to do a bunch of things -- some of them possibly new to you -- that give you the confidence and freedom to run this leadership race your way.

  • Prepare your academic calendar to reflect and integrate all your priorities
  • Articulate the impact your leadership and your team will make 
  • Prepare to communicate your impact, not your busy-ness
  • Identify your personal guiding values
  • Uncover your leadership "blueprint" 
  • Develop a strategy to listen, learn, and lead
  • Create a crosswalk linking your values with your institution's priorities

How You'll Work


We'll combine the best of independent and group learning, with both synchronous and asynchronous activities. You'll also have plenty of individual access to me. 

  • You'll have access to an online portal with all worksheets, activities, materials, and resources, including a comprehensive overview of the sprint so you can always see where you are in the process
  • We'll kick off each week with a group conversation to get you focused and clear about what to work on - and make sure you're giving yourself the time and space you need for this work
  • Each week you'll complete independent activities that move you closer to your final plan
  • Each week we'll hold open office hours for general questions and feedback
  • You'll have regular access to me through a private chat app. I don't want you to wonder or suffer alone.

What You'll Walk Run Away With


At the end of the sprint you'll have everything you need to get to the finish line of your first year feeling like a champion. 

  • A clear plan about how, when, and why you're communicating with key stakeholders (including your boss)
  • A strategy for shifting away from the usual leadership “listening tour” to a “listen, learn, and lead” model
  • An understanding of how to maximize the identity diversity and cognitive diversity of your team to ignite their creative energy
  • A compass to guide your leadership decisions - so that when stuff comes up you don't wonder how to respond
  • An integrated calendar that gives you time and space for your personal and professional priorities
  • A plan to build and nurture your personal support network


Your Coaching Extras

During this intensive month I want you to have all the support you need, so you'll get private access to me in two different ways:

Two 50-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

We’re in this together. 
You're going to need someone to talk to confidentially as you plan, think through challenges, and strategize. That's what I'm here for. All help, no judgment.

What You Get:

• Two private coaching sessions.

• We'll schedule the first session for the second half of the sprint as you're starting to piece your ideas together. 

• We'll schedule the second session 4-6 weeks after the sprint is over, giving  you accountability and an informed sounding board: someone who knows what you’re trying to accomplish and can help you get there.

Bonus 01

Chat Access

Sometimes we need less than a phone call but more than... nothing. Chat conversations fit nicely into that gap. 

We'll set up a group chat for the cohort that will also enable you to chat with me privately. 

What You Get:

• Access to the full group for chatting purposes. 

• Private access to chat with me, M-F from 9 am - 6 pm central. 

Bonus 02

Our Commitments
To Each Other

→ You'll spend up to one hour a weekday on this work independently.

→ You'll prioritize yourself (your values, your goals, your leadership style) over others' expectations of you.

→ You'll be open to thinking in new ways even if it's uncomfortable at first, knowing that at the end of the sprint you can take what's useful and set aside anything that isn't

→ I will care for you personally and professionally. I am genuinely in your corner.

→ I'll do my best to model inclusion and belonging, both for our group for your individual leadership.

→ I will hold you accountable while providing support and resources that help you move forward.

My commitment To you:

your Commitment to The Group:

The Leadership Sprint

→ Two private coaching sessions

→ Chat access to other sprinters *and* private access to Carole

One-time payment

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→ One month of content, focus, and engagement

→ Weekly live group sessions





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The Leadership Sprint

→ Two private coaching sessions

→ Chat access to other sprinters *and* private access to Carole

One-time payment

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→ One month of content, focus, and engagement

→ Weekly live group Sessions

See Our Discounts & Scholarship Options

Institutional Discounts

Send a brief email to carole@theclareogroup.com with a link to an active website showing your current employment, and I'll send you a discount code to use when you register.

Available with institutional affiliation

HBCUs, women's, Tribal, &  community Colleges

Send a brief email to carole@theclareogroup.com
with details (names and emails) for all attendees. Note that all registrations must be paid before participants can be enrolled.

Available upon request

Group Discounts

We build equity into our business

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to your growth. We offer discounts for folks working at historically excluded institutions --  no matter who is paying for your professional development. 

All other institutions are eligible for a discount if three or more people register together.

Email carole@theclareogroup.com for discount details.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Is this different from coaching?

This program blends prescribed activities, particular frameworks, outside source material (like your job profile), and coaching kinds of questions. Think of it as half pre-designed curriculum, half coaching. 

Is one month enough time?

Honestly, there's never enough time for this. And you also don't have time to waste: you need to start making strong impressions and steps in the right direction right away. This program front-loads work that you might spread over the course of the year if you were working on your own, but it will save you time down the road because you'll know so quickly what to do and how to go about doing it. 

Can I attend with colleagues?

Yes! This would be fantastic with colleagues, and you could continue supporting each other as the year goes on. 

My institution is paying and needs an invoice/purchase order. Where do I get one?

I will happily send you one. Please email carole@theclareogroup.com with details (name(s) and email address(es) of attendee(s), as well as the name and address of the person receiving the invoice.

I Don't Identify as a woman. Can i join?

I'm considering running a mixed-gender cohort. 

Research from women's colleges shows how female students benefit when they don't have to compete with male students for their instructors' time, attention, and feedback. Many women are socialized to defer to men, and many men are socialized to speak up and take up space. This program is designed to prioritize the needs of leaders who identify as women. If you don't identify as a woman and you're still  interested in joining a cohort email me to discuss options:  carole@theclareogroup.com

I'm not starting my new role yet. Can I Join later?

I plan to open another cohort in late summer or early fall for folks who start in August/September. If that's you, join the waitlist so we can stay in touch about start dates!


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