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Today I talk with Renee Wells about what it means to educate for equity through the lens of restorative justice. Renee is an educator and consultant with a grounding in the work of bell hooks and Paolo Freire, and I love how open and frank she is about all the things that we sometimes find hard to deal with…or to talk about…or to change…in our work on campuses. 

#50: White Women’s Nonsense

Renee Wells, with short dark hair wearing dark glasses and an olive green top, with Carole Chabries, with short hair, glasses, and an orange sweater. Both white women are looking straight into the camera.

I thought I’d share what reading this book is like for me because I think my experience as an educated white woman with leadership experience in higher ed will resonate with you.

#48 A White Woman Reads “White Women”

the poster of white supremacy culture characteristics next to the cover of the book, "white women: everything you already know about your own racism and how to do better."

Jayne Sommers is back! This time she shares her personal journey from understanding herself as a first-born Capricorn (achievement-oriented! controlling! always right!) to anti-racist educator, and how she came to see the ways she’s been socialized into our white supremacy culture. oin us for a month-long challenge Jayne will lead: White Women’s Work.

#47: White Women’s Work: An Invitation

a photo of the cover of the book "white women: everything you already know about your own racism and how to do better" next to photos of carole chabries wearing an orange v-neck sweater and jayne sommers wearing a chunky yellow turtleneck sweater.