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Today’s Episode at a Glance [0:00] Listening is probably the most powerful tool in your leadership toolkit. If you open your mouth to speak, pause and ask yourself “Why am I Talking”? [ 2:25] The 3-part “Why Am I Talking?” framework. [5:46] Do you dread giving bad news at work? Or struggle knowing how to […]

Why Am I Talking? (and other powerful questions)

a light-skinned woman with shoulder-length dark hair faces the camera with her hands framing her open mouth. she looks like she is yellowing. she wears a yellow blouse with a white color.

A discussion of the fourth stage of psychological safety – the safety to challenge the status quo – as form of institutionalized and acceptable dissent.

#41: The Role of Dissent in Psychological Safety

For better or worse — or honestly, just for worse — our busy-ness has become a measure of our worth. But activity is not achievement. We know this from teaching, and we can infuse this into our leadership practice.

#39: Activity is Not Achievement

a picture of bees busy on a beehive

Psychological safety permits people to feel safe enough to experiment and make mistakes. You know how to do this as a teacher. You can use those same skills in your leadership practice.

#38: Excellent Teaching, Excellent Leading

Listen to Love Your Job Again on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts: In this episode, you’ll hear… [1:48]: Why and how “Love Your Job Again” is focused on the concept of consistent feedback on meaningful work. Because a happy team is a joy to lead. Grab the workbook and follow along as you learn […]

#36: Love Your Job Again

In this episode you’ll hear… [0:08] I want you to Love Your Job Again! And I want you to help your teams love theirs. Come learn how to love your job by uncovering the secret to joy at work. Join me for the final version of Love Your Job Again this Wednesday, February 1, at […]

#35 The Secret to Joy At Work

we see the torso of a woman wearing a professional white shirt, standing facing us with her right hand outstretched and her index finger pointing at something. Her fingertip is touching what looks like a green smiley-face button.

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#33 A Budget is a Moral Document

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#32 Lessons from my Year of Yes

In this episode I welcome special guest Dr. Jade Singleton, co-founder of Johnson Squared Consulting and DEI consultant at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, to discuss transformational DEI at work: what we’re getting wrong, what we’re doing right, and how we can do better. This episode at a glance: Jade shares a lot of personal history, […]

#32: Transformational DEI

Stress, physiologically speaking, is something we’re meant to experience in a moment in time. But chronic stress, where the stressor doesn’t go away, leads to burnout. Julie and Alyssa share how having a community of care is essential to preventing burnout, especially when our life-or-death stressors don’t ever go away.

#29: Building a Community of Care