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For better or worse — or honestly, just for worse — our busy-ness has become a measure of our worth. But activity is not achievement. We know this from teaching, and we can infuse this into our leadership practice.

#39: Activity is Not Achievement

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Psychological safety permits people to feel safe enough to experiment and make mistakes. You know how to do this as a teacher. You can use those same skills in your leadership practice.

#38: Excellent Teaching, Excellent Leading

As Provost and faculty member in Leadership Studies at Fort Hayes State University, Jill Arensdorf believes democracy is a creative practice that calls for situational and contextual awareness as folks move together toward a shared goal. As a leader, Jill has “a lot of faith and hope in people,” which she expresses both through her […]

#21 Democracy is A Creative Work

In this post I share four guidelines and more than 20 actionable strategies for creating THE BEST FIRST DAY EVER! for your students and colleagues.

#13: How to Have the Best First Day Ever

You have a strategic plan. You work with focus on your institutional goals and priorities. But when sudden and surprising, big paradigm-shifting stuff happens, you’re still not prepared.

#7: Planning for an Uncertain Future Through Storytelling

episode title: planning for an uncertain future through storytelling