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i had a plan, but the world kept burning so i tossed the plan and instead talk about liz cheney, brett kavanaugh, a person’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy, and what you can do about it as a leader on a college campus.

i share excerpts from a few statements made by inspiring campus leaders around the country – including a student association – and help you prepare to lead from your values as students and colleagues return to campus.

#6. Power. Competence. Courage. Perception.

Last January I found myself in a terrible situation: I couldn’t take a scheduled week of vacation because my workload was too heavy, in part because my calendar was double-, triple, and sometimes even quadruple-booked. (No lie.) I’ve spent the last six months fixing that problem and creating systems to prevent it from ever happening […]

#4: In A Leadership Role this Fall? Do These Four Things Now.

Hey there, welcome to Episode 4 of The Uplift! For many academics and academic administrators in higher ed, the academic year and the fiscal year is wrapping up. So I thought this would be a good time to look ahead. If you will be in a leadership role this fall – regardless of your job […]

In A Leadership Role this Fall? Here are Four ways to Prepare Now.