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In this episode you’ll hear… [0:08] I want you to Love Your Job Again! And I want you to help your teams love theirs. Come learn how to love your job by uncovering the secret to joy at work. Join me for the final version of Love Your Job Again this Wednesday, February 1, at […]

#35 The Secret to Joy At Work

we see the torso of a woman wearing a professional white shirt, standing facing us with her right hand outstretched and her index finger pointing at something. Her fingertip is touching what looks like a green smiley-face button.

Alienation is a natural outcome of systemic accretion: the ongoing increase of tasks and projects that seem OK by themselves all together become impossible and lead to disengagement and burnout. Leaders can reduce alienation by reconnecting people to their purpose at work.

Humanity vs. The Economy

In the US we host approximately 55 million work-related meetings a week. 71% are considered unproductive and 65% of employees agree that meetings prevent them from completing their own work. This is expensive, and soul-crushing, and I think we should knock it off.  

I’m betting you also would like to kick “meeting malaise” to the curb on your campus. In today’s episode I talk about the differences between traditional meetings and meaningful gatherings, and list four steps you can take to combine them in order to bring purpose and meaning to your campus meetings. 

#14 Making Meetings Matter

In this post I share four guidelines and more than 20 actionable strategies for creating THE BEST FIRST DAY EVER! for your students and colleagues.

How to Have the Best First Day Ever

Here’s a peek at Getting Clear on Purpose: Module Three of The Leadership Academy, with an affection shout out to Miss Stephanie from our ACTC days and her love of well-designed file label. 🧡

#12 Getting Clear on Purpose