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I tried to implement structure and systems while diving deep into who I am. The result? A systematically mystical summer that broke my brain.

My Systematically Mystical Summer

Teaching is an act of love. After thinking about this with recent guests and faculty Rand Park, Sidneyeve Matrix, and Stephanie Cawthon, I’ve come to wonder if we don’t expect far too much of our educators and far too little from our leaders. Teaching requires emotion: compassion, empathy, affection. Even love. These are necessary for […]

Teaching is an act of love. So is leadership.

In a college library, four students are sitting at a table. Their professor stands behind them, high-fiving one of the students.

Stephanie Cawthon is an expert teacher *and* stage manager who creatively engages students in class and also colleagues in meetings.

Planning for Access: Teaching and Leading for Engagement and Inclusion, with Stephanie Cawthon

Successful teachers, like successful leaders, engage people’s hearts. Sidneyeve Matrix is one of my favorite people to talk about this with. A marketing professor and graphic designer with a Harvard credential in Instructional Design, Sidneyeve devotes (I’m guessing) most of her waking moments to thinking about how to help people learn by surrounding them with beauty.  […]

Sidneyeve Matrix on Empathy, Learning, & Leading

Rand Park is a senior lecturer at UM’s Carlson School of Management. He joins us to share his insights into how extraordinary teaching and authentic leadership lead to both transformational learning and leading. 

Monday in the Park With Rand: Teaching, Leadership, and Why We Don’t Want to be College Presidents

For our summer session we’re running a fan favorite playlist: a combination of the most-listened-to episodes as well as listener favorites. Our Summer Session gives you a chance to revisit episodes you may not have heard in a while or even to listen to episodes you might have missed. Today we’re replaying Episode 20, A […]

Summer session with Susi Keefe

In honor of Juneteenth I explore its history, including The Emancipation Proclamation, General Order #3, and Biden’s proclaiming today a federal holiday.  If you’ve never read The Emancipation Proclamation and/or want to hear some beautiful words from the poet Ross Gay, this episode is for you.  Readings & Resources The Emancipation Proclamation.  Heather Cox Richardson: Letters […]


This may be obvious but it bears saying out loud: our words matter.  In this episode I’m continuing the conversation about the language we use on our campuses as a way of exploring language that might be oppressive or harmful. I’m building on episode 52, about DEI language, and looking more generally at words and phrases I think are worth reconsidering.

55: How Language Shapes our Campus Experiences (and What to Do About It), pt2

I’ve learned so much from podcasting — most of which translates to excellent life lessons. Here are my 9 favorite things.

#54: One Year In: 9 Lessons from a Year of Podcasting

Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day” does not appear in this episode but my thinking is inspired by her question: what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?

I explore that question today, and share the planner I’ve developed to help you organize your days, weeks, terms, and life around your answer to that question.

#53: Your One Wild & Precious Life