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Boring meetings are a bad habit. They are expensive, and soul-crushing, and I think we should stop holding them already.

But change is hard, and requires understanding what to stop doing as well as what, and how, to start doing. So I’m kickstarting this for you by dissecting traditional meetings and comparing them to meaningful gatherings. I also list four steps you can take to shift your meetings into purpose gatherings, bringing clarity and possibly even joy to your campus meetings. 

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands folks around the country who want to kick “meeting malaise” to the curb on your campus, read on!

Making Meetings Matter

three happy, smiling women sitting at a table with their laptops open working on something together.

In this post I share four guidelines and more than 20 actionable strategies for creating THE BEST FIRST DAY EVER! for your students and colleagues.

#13: How to Have the Best First Day Ever