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Listen to A Budget is a Moral Document Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts : In This Episode, You’ll Hear: A Budget is a Moral Document This idea has pervaded my life since childhood, but I hadn’t heard (or remembered) the phrase until I saw it last summer, painted starkly on a building mural near […]

#33 A Budget is a Moral Document

Here’s a peek at Getting Clear on Purpose: Module Three of The Leadership Academy, with an affection shout out to Miss Stephanie from our ACTC days and her love of well-designed file label. 🧡

#12 Getting Clear on Purpose

Here’s a peek at Getting Clear With Others: Module Two of The Leadership Academy. For you Badgers trained in the English Dept, this episode is also kind of a love letter to Brad Hughes. 🧡

#11: Getting Clear With Others

Meet Archibald McBacon VII, aka Bacon! He’s our family’s fourth dog, and after 22 years of training pups – and running a side hustle on Rover – I’m pretty convinced that everything I need to know about leadership can be learned from raising puppies. 🐶

#9: The End of Alpha

We just welcomed our fourth dog into our family (no, not all at the same time!) and here I am with a 10-week-old puppy in the house and it’s staring me in the face all over again: Everything you need to know about leadership you can learn from raising puppies. Here are the 10 lessons I think are most important. 

the end of alpha

Using race as the primary signifier for campus diversity puts undue burden on colleagues with black and brown skin. It reifies structural and behavioral racism and it prevents teams from harnessing the full power of their diveri

#8: Unleashing the Power of Diversity by Creating Psychological Safety

If you’ve been following me anywhere on social media or listening to the podcast, you know I’m low-key obsessed with the Dobbs ruling and the way it will affect our college campuses. To my mind, there is no question of whether it will affect colleges…the question is when and how we’ll see those effects: how […]

Planning for an Uncertain Future Through Storytelling 

episode title: planning for an uncertain future through storytelling

You have a strategic plan. You work with focus on your institutional goals and priorities. But when sudden and surprising, big paradigm-shifting stuff happens, you’re still not prepared.

#7: Planning for an Uncertain Future Through Storytelling

episode title: planning for an uncertain future through storytelling

In the wake of Dobbs I’ve been interested in the ways people are using their voices to amplify institutional positions. Reading through those statements got me thinking about the Dobbs decision from a student’s perspective.

#5: Women’s leadership in the wake of Dobbs…

Five tips to being an ally to the women you work with:

#1: Halt the He-Peats
#2: Redistribute Housekeeping
#3: Give Her a Power Task
#4: Compliment Her Mind, Not Her Manners
#5: Praise Her Publicly, Especially When She’s Not in the Room

How to Be Her Ally