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You're ready to make bold, gutsy changes on your campus by becoming the leader you know you can be.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership Coaching for Women

Let's Do This Thing!

The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Women Leading With Clarity

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Become the Leader
You’d Love to Follow

This coaching program is right for you if:

You’re a little bit cheeky and bring a bit of sass and flair to your work

You’re eager to build alliances that unite people around a shared purpose 

You’re bold enough to step into this next phase with power and purpose, channeling those bits of fear to motivate your vision for your leadership *and* your institution 

You love mentoring your team so they can tap into their deep wells of talent

You use your renegade spirit to get stuff done 

You know in your heart that your campus will be better for your leadership and you're not about to squander this opportunity by following cookie-cutter leadership advice

Ready to Quit Playing Small?

Transformational Leadership Coaching

is uniquely designed to help you quit conforming to others’ expectations about what women’s leadership looks like -- and instead feel energized by your personal vision, confident in your strengths, and ready to tackle even the gnarliest challenges. 

Stretch beyond your (imagined) limits


Tap into the values that spark your leadership


Build coalitions grounded in trust and purpose


Learn to control your choices, responses, and actions as a leader

Challenge yourself to do the things that matter most to you.


Deepen your team's camaraderie & joy


Dive deep into sticky problems 


Rediscover the joy in your work

Heck YES Let's Do this!

Ignite Your Leadership Power

It's time to own your talents so you can design your unique version of bold, imaginative leadership.

You deserve to be this version of yourself.

Helping Leaders Unleash Their Talents is My Superpower

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But Above All Else…

The leading with clarity course will

help you develop a leadership practice that brings you peace of mind. 

You’ll know you’re working on the right things, in the right ways, for the right people, at the right time. 

Your focus and purpose will increase the joy you — and your team! — feel at work. 

We Know a Thing or Two About Building Impactful Teams

“Carole has a strong focus on developing others, encouraging strategic thinking and promoting success through goal setting, reflection, and developing a strong vision for success. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Carole Chabries. She is a fantastic leader and mentor who I have been proud to call a colleague for many years.”

- Nicole Schwensow

“Carole’s performance reviews of myself along with our regular 1:1 meetings helped me better understand my strengths, to fairly evaluate myself, and to set effective and meaningful goals. The things that Carole helped me understand about myself and the example she set as a leader helped me develop my own leadership style that is both true to myself and applicable to the roles that I have filled since.”

- Andy Doran

“Carole is a collaborative and adaptable leader who builds partnerships with a ‘what’s possible’ mindset. She has a personable and thoughtful approach to people relatively new to their leadership role. She can teach and inspire while putting people at ease, and is gifted in asking insightful questions and then listening with curiosity to understand.”

- Debbie Okerlund

“Carole’s mentoring was instrumental in guiding me through the most difficult professional challenge I faced in my career. In a small group setting, her approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- Tina Olson

I can't wait to Be Your Coach

Carole Chabries, PhD

Coaches have helped me navigate some of the most pivotal moments of my career. I know the gifts a powerful coach gives her clients and I'm eager to share those gifts with you.

We'll be a great fit if you're ambitious, smart as a whip (but maybe a little afraid to say that out loud), trust your intuition, have a healthy dose of skepticism, and know that despite those nagging fears and pushy voices telling you to quit being so ambitious and out there, you were made to lead

transformational leadership coaching

Here's how it works

A Guide To

Transformational Coaching

Good coaches understand your job and tell you how to do it better. 

Great coaches understand you. A great coach listens closely, asks questions that challenge, push, and inspire you, and slashes through the mental and emotional clutter so you can see your own epiphanies clearly. 

Great coaching sharpens your self-awareness, deepens your compassion, and supercharges your empathy. As a result, you're a more powerful leader. 

A superstar. 

If that sounds equal parts scary and exhilarating, you're ready.

Your Coaching Highlights

  • Private coaching portal with notes, exercises, and activities

  • Additional 1:1 access to me through Voxer, a chat app

  • Monthly half-days were you get my full attention through Voxer as you focus on a specific challenge of your choosing

  • Free access to The Clareo Group's Leadership Community for the duration of your coaching engagement

  • Discounts on any workshops or services you enroll in during your engagement – for you AND the team you lead

Installment Plan

→ Schedule personal payments through credit, debit, or ACH

→ Schedule institutional payments through P-Card

→ Additional service fees apply


2 Payments



3 Payments


Pay In Full

→Pay with personal resources (credit, debit, ACH)

→ Pay with institutional P-Card

→ Pay through Invoice or PO

→ No added service fees


One-time Payment



→ 8 Weeks of Content and Course Engagement

→ Weekly Group Sessions, Live With Carole

→ Additional Course Bonuses

Level 1

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



VIP Experience

Everything In Essentials PLUS

→ 8 Weeks of Small Group Coaching With Your VIP Cohort

→ 1-Hour Private Coaching Session With Carole

→ Private Text Messaging Group With VIP Cohort for Hands-On Feedback and Support

Level 2

2 Monthly Payments




One-Time Payment



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a coach do?

Honestly, all kinds of things. A really great coach guides you to your own epiphanies and decisions by helping you process your options, your desires, and your vision for a rewarding life. You'll sometimes get uncomfortable and you can expect to have transformative breakthroughs.  

Some coaches provide role-specific guidance. That's not the kind of coach I am. 

Isn't Six Months Kind of a big Commitment?


It's also a fraction of your commitment to your role. 

If you want someone to tell you how to do your job, you could hire that kind of coach for some training. But if you want to dig into your values, process big decisions, understand your motivations, and make decisions you can stand by, well, that takes time and effort. We need time to build a strong relationship to get all that stuff going, and then (of course) time to actually do the work. 

Is My coaching Confidential?

Absolutely. We can talk about how to share what you're learning with your boss (if you choose), but my contracts are written to provide full confidentiality to the coachee, even if the institution is paying. 

If you want to involve your boss or a sponsor, we can discuss that possibility.

My institution is paying and needs an invoice/purchase order. Where do I get one?

Easy enough. We can sort that out in a phone call or over email.

I'm not a woman. Will you Coach me?


I am 100% committed to coaching people who identify as women, and prioritize those clients. I do occasionally coach men who have a demonstrated record of being open, curious, and caring. If I've already offended you by saying that we won't be a good fit. 

If you think you'd like to work with me but aren't sure it'll work, let's chat. Email me at carole@theclareogroup.com to get things started. 


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