Do you feel like you’re hustling to prove your worthiness? Constantly taking on more, yet somehow getting less and less done? We’re here to help. 
We’ll guide your transition away from burdensome transactional management to joy-filled transformational leadership. We’ll show you how to focus on clear purposes, meaningful work, measurable impact, and celebration of genuine accomplishments. 

Working with us, leaders at all levels learn to prioritize their work – day by day, decision by decision – to find deeper meaning and personal joy in their leadership practice.

We provide processes, templates, tools, and guides for moving from dream to action. We offer self-paced courses, virtual communities, individual and small-group coaching, and live, in-person workshops.  

You deserve a workplace where you and all your colleagues can maximize your talents, unleash your power, shine brightly, and lift each other up.

When you are empowered with clarity, purpose, and joy, the entire institution benefits. It’s easier to see your impact and know you’re making a difference. This kind of campus joy becomes contagious, manifesting itself in happier, retained employees – and happier, engaged students. We all win. 

The Clareo Group helps institutions draw out the radiance of individuals and groups so that the whole organization can shine. 

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“Carole’s mentoring was instrumental in guiding me through the most difficult professional challenge I faced in my career. In a small group setting, her approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- Tina Olson

Meet Your Leadership Coach

Hey, I’m Carole!

I’m on a mission to transform higher ed organizations by unleashing the power of women’s leadership. I'm here to help women lead with purpose, make a genuine impact, feel fulfilled, and bring joy to their daily work.

When we shift to transformational leadership entire organizations benefit. Campus joy becomes contagious. Happy employees stay and do great work. Trust is high, and more gets done even faster than you dare to hope for.  

Come unleash the power of your leadership. 

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Our mission is to unleash the power of women’s leadership to bring more joy to the world.


(present infinitive clārēre); second conjugation, no perfect or supine stem. I am clear or bright, shine. I shine brightly. I am clear, obvious, evident. 

Behind the name

The Clareo Group was imagined while watching the sunlight change the water over Lake Michigan at sunrise. That transition suffuses my soul with tranquility and joy. It’s the feeling I’ve built The Clareo Group around. My mission is to help you find that same sense of light-filled, clear, and distinct joy in your personal leadership journey. 

Our Guiding Principles

Manifest Joy

We walk our talk, continually striving to bring light and levity to our personal and professional lives.

Learn From Differences

We seek cognitive diversity in all our problem-solving, knowing we are stronger together.

Embrace Curiosity

We seek to understand through the caring act of listening. We appreciate curiosity, as it leads to richer understandings and exhilarating discoveries.

Lift Each Other

We embrace and embody Shine Theory, knowing the power of being surrounded by bold and confident women who shine and lift each other up.

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