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“Carole has a strong focus on developing others, encouraging strategic thinking and promoting success through goal setting, reflection, and developing a strong vision for success. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Carole Chabries. She is a fantastic leader and mentor.”

- Nicole Schwensow

“Carole’s performance reviews of myself along with our regular 1:1 meetings helped me better understand my strengths, to fairly evaluate myself, and to set effective and meaningful goals. The things that Carole helped me understand about myself and the example she set as a leader helped me develop my own leadership style that is both true to myself and applicable to the roles that I have filled since.”

- Andy Doran

“Carole is a collaborative and adaptable leader who builds partnerships with a ‘what’s possible’ mindset. She has a personable and thoughtful approach to people relatively new to their leadership role. She can teach and inspire while putting people at ease, and is gifted in asking insightful questions and then listening with curiosity to understand.”

- Debbie Okerlund

In a small group setting, [Carole's] approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- Tina Olson

About The Clareo Group

We’re a group of academics, executives, and all-around friendly folks who have spent our careers making things better for others. We’ve done it all: simplified processes, developed top-notch teams, fostered deep collaboration, and built great programs – all while having a ton of fun.

We want you to love going to work no matter your role on campus. We’re here to help you design the higher ed career of your dreams – without the BS. No shame and blame. No messed-up codes of silence. No walking on tip-toes to avoid the real problems. No queen bees, no mansplainers. Just great people, working hard, on all the right things, in purposely inclusive environments. 

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The Uplift Podcast

A podcast dedicated to elevating women leaders — at all levels — in higher education. From great to gruesome, we share real life leadership stories with advice, recommended readings, a dash of snark, and useful resources. 

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Readings & Resources

Machiavelli For Women

Because "reading for work" shouldn't be a drag. 

Acknowledging that all women still have a lot to fight for in the workplace, this book guides you to be strategic without becoming a Machiavellianne. 

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White Women

It's time to get comfortable with discomfort. If you're a white feminist in a leadership role this book is essential for helping you rethink power and its use for your team.

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The Progress Principle

“Consistent feedback on meaningful work” has become the most important phrase in my leadership practice. This book explains why it’s so essential and how to implement it. 

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