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Train your directors, chairs, and supervisors to be better leaders.

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✔ Improve morale?
✔ Increase engagement?
✔ Reduce employee churn?
✔ Strengthen teaching & learning?

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Inclusive Leadership Workshop

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Department leaders are key to your institution’s success.

They influence their department’s morale, reputation, and effectiveness. That has an outsize impact on your campus engagement. All this ultimately shapes your students’ experiences. 

As an added bonus:

A prepared leader reduces turnover, improves morale, and reduces the number of problems that come knocking on your door.

Unfortunately, many leaders don't get the training they need.

That’s where we come in.

Our Inclusive Leadership workshop is grounded in research and experience.

It's been tested and refined over dozens of workshops with hundreds of participants. 

Our workshop produces confident, capable campus leaders, no matter their job title.

The only leadership course designed specifically to teach women leaders in higher ed how to connect the dots between what they value, how they plan, and how they lead their teams. 

Women Leading With Clarity

Leadership Courses & Workshops

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Our Workshop will get you there.

When you need your campus leaders to...

Establish credibility and build trust 

Deepen inclusion, equity, and belonging

Maximize their department's diversity

Increase engagement and morale 

Improve job satisfaction and reduce churn

Run meetings that don't waste people's time

The Inclusive Leadership workshop

gives your chairs, directors, and supervisors the skills, tools, and confidence they need to lead effectively on your campus.

After this workshop, your campus leaders will be able to...


Manage Difficult Personalities

with fewer flare-ups and petty griping.


Give Motivating Feedback

that helps people feel valued for their contributions.


build & Maintain Credibility

so their teams have more trust in their leader.


Run Meetings that don't suck

and banish complaints about  meetings that should have been emails.


Retain top performers

by effectively acknowledging,  challenging, and rewarding them.


Bring you only urgent matters

because they're now expert problem-solvers on their own.


More than anything else …

inclusive leadership

teaches your campus leaders how to lead people competently, confidently, and compassionately...

....while reducing the stressors and fire-fighting that eats up your time and energy.

But don't just take my word for it.

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But Above All Else…

The leading with clarity course will

help you develop a leadership practice that brings you peace of mind. 

You’ll know you’re working on the right things, in the right ways, for the right people, at the right time. 

Your focus and purpose will increase the joy you — and your team! — feel at work. 

We Know a Thing or Two About Building Impactful Teams

“The things that Carole helped me understand about myself and the example she set as a leader helped me develop my own leadership style that is both true to myself and applicable to the roles that I have filled since.”

- AD, intercampus facilitator

I walked out of the session with information and resources I could immediately use in my role as chair. Carole and her team go out of their way to produce an effective and meaningful experience. They met us where we were, literally and figuratively, to help us get to where we want to go. As a new chair I valued immensely the experience.”

- TO, Program Director

“In a small group setting, [Carole's] approach “deep-dives” into values-driven leadership creating safe space for critical conversations.”

- MB, Department Chair

“Carole is very organized, empathetic, friendly, open, inviting, and a great teacher in general."

- classroom student evaluation

“Carole [...] can teach and inspire while putting people at ease, and is gifted in asking insightful questions and then listening with curiosity to understand.”

- Debbie Okerlund

Your Trusted Leadership Guide

Carole Chabries, PhD

I've spent 25+ years leading teams of faculty and staff across campuses and among institutions. 

I'm known for leading my own teams to achieve what looks impossible. My secret? Building relationships so strong that folks can do really hard things together and have fun doing it. I’ve been training department chairs and program directors for over a decade, teaching them everything I know about being an exceptional leader. 

Hundreds of faculty and staff have participated in this workshop over the years. I can’t wait to show your campus how rewarding and energizing inclusive leadership can be.

Inclusive leadership

the curriculum

Prioritizing purpose

Planning With Strategy

Working with purpose is one of the best ways to reduce workload and burnout.

We teach campus leaders to use purpose to prioritize everything from developing strategy to running meetings. 

Research shows that diverse teams solve problems better, faster, and more accurately than homogenous teams...but only when their diversity is recognized and used.

We explore cognitive and identity diversity to understand how leaders can bring out the talents and gifts of everyone in their department.

Maximizing Diversity

From strategic communication to annual reviews, from departmental emails to all-campus meetings: your leaders' communication makes and breaks your campus culture.

We look at evidence-based principles for speaking openly and with authenticity, even you're sharing a hard message. We also explore when not to talk and how to listen instead.

Communicating Effectively

Nothing gets done without trust. You know this from your own experience. 

In the workshop we dig into character, competence, and credibility, focusing on how leaders make sure their words and actions constantly reinforce trust for their teams.

Building Trust

From goal-setting to evaluation to annual reviews, campus leaders learn a method for connecting all their work to your institution's strategic plan. 

Ironically, a narrow focus on the strategic plan opens the door to even more creative problelm-solving. It also lets leaders easily identify what work to do (and what work to stop), and clarifies what work is worth reporting on to their leaders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop for?

This started more than a decade ago as a program for new department chairs and quickly grew to include academic program directors. 

It became clear that what people were learning was a benefit to anybody leading a team on a campus, whether in academic affairs, student affairs, the business office, etc. 

Why? Because people are people no matter what work they do. The skills that help you lead an academic department will help you lead any department. 

ps: Yes, we include material that's specific to faculty because that's essential in higher ed. Consider it a bonus. 

How long does the workshop take?

The length changes to fit your needs.

Want an on-campus, 3-day immersive experience? We can do that. 
Would you prefer a year of monthly mini-workshops? That works too.
Do your leaders need the flexibility of an online experience during a week when classes aren't in session? We've got you covered. 

The workshop is a mix of reading and reflection, active conversation, and planning. We organize those activities to meet your campus schedule and deliver the workshop in a way your leaders will enjoy. 

This doesn't sound like DEI work. How is this inclusive leadership?

We want to break the paradigm where DEI work is treated as something extra to be added or a box to check off, so we embed equity, inclusion, and belonging in everything we do. 

We also operate from the philosophy that leading people is fundamentally about inclusion and psychological safety, which are some of the principles at the core of much DEI work. 

How many people can attend?

To keep the learning deep and personal, the workshop is limited to 20 participants.

We want to train more than 20 people. How do we do that?

Easy. When we plan and schedule your workshop we'll talk about how many people are attending. We can accommodate groups of any size. 

For virtual workshops we'll host additional sessions at a significant discount to you.
For large in-person workshops we offer alternative pricing. Email for details. 

I'm bored with virtual learning. How is this different?

I hear you. I've been teaching online since 2003 -- honestly? -- it can suck. 

But it doesn't have to.

When we teach this workshop virtually, we  "flip" it: you'll do some prep on your own so that when you come together you're ready to engage, take action, and develop a plan.  

Inclusive Leadership

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